Wedding Video Portfolio

Cameron & Heather

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Idaho Falls Temple & The Arbor

Jose & Carla

Pocatello + Rexburg, Idaho
Pocatello Temple & Brigham Young University-Idaho Gardens

Ben & Nikita

Rexburg, Idaho
The Avenues Wedding and Event Center

Harrison & Michelle

Rexburg, Idaho
Rexburg Temple & The Avenues Wedding and Event Center

Frequently Asked Question…

Question: Why film and edit only 4-10 minutes in the Wedding Video?

Answer: Hollywood produces the highest quality when it comes to filmmaking and they are spending 3-4 months filming all day long, with massive crews, just to give you 90 minutes. I have 1 day. And like Hollywood, I only put the most entertaining and emotional parts of what I film into the feature. My films are content driven. If someone is determined to get everything, entertaining or not, I offer a documentary edition in the Pricing: A La Carte.